De Wereldraad van Kerken vraagt ons gebed voor Japan

WCC general secretary calls for prayer for Japan



In the aftermath of what is being called a “monster” earthquake and tsunami that hit Japan yesterday, Rev. Dr Olav Fykse Tveit, general secretary of the World Council of Churches (WCC) has called upon churches around the world to pray for Japan and the Japanese people.

 Friday, a tremor struck off the coast of Japan and registered 8.9 on the Richter Scale. The quake caused extensive damage and a massive tsunami.Number of deaths remained unclear as of Saturday morning.

 “As we are waking up here in Asia today to the images and cries of all who are struck by the twin disasters of an earthquake and subsequent tsunami in Japan, we are shocked and trembling as we see how vulnerable we are as human beings to disasters of this magnitude,” Tveit said in comments made during his visit to Seoul, Korea.

 “We express our deepest sympathy and pray for all victims, for their families and for all who now live in fear of further aftershocks, some of which are as strong as many earthquakes,” Tveit said. “We pray for those who have lost or cannot find their dear ones, for those who have lost their homes or face the impact of this enormous destruction.”

 While the extent of the damage is only being calculated today, Tveit said, “We call on all who can help and we pray for them as they embark these extremely demanding tasks.”

 “For all those who are ready to help the victims, let us help and support in any way we can, and give priority to those who are most vulnerable in this situation. We trust churches around the world will show their solidarity and ACT Alliance will use all available means to address those most vulnerable in countries where they are operative,” he said.

 In closing Tveit called on “churches around the world to pray for the people of Japan and for all others who are impacted by this ongoing, terrible event. We pray to God who through Christ has shown the deepest solidarity and sympathy with all human beings who are suffering. We pray to God to rescue, restore and renew life in this time of destruction, despair and death.”

 WCC member churches in Japan